Why do  I need to cry

just to hold out pain I breathden harderly?

Why do I always love

just to leave me alone and after all?

Why do I need to find things

When all has finally gone?

Why do I need to think of memories

If there’s no more to remember for?

Why do I have to laugh

If deep inside is the sadness that locked inside me?

Why do I need to stand up for once

if falling down made up a many times

Why do there’s no turning back

for the sweetest that suddenly passed

Why do words can appreciate

but also can cry?

One question that longs to answer

one moment that waits forever

Breathlessly,my soul left me in vain

Now…still need to live?…why?



Thinking of a nice memories

were a wonderful touch of lives

and the hour I close my eyes

It is you that living in my dreams

Though it will never happen again

to be with you

our friendship that started

in a simple smile

Your words that give me strength

A feeling I could never explain

such a wonderful things

You made winter into spring

You let me feel your care

for I have one more to live

but keeping you ever

Is worth remembering…until last


You were born on Earth 

With the beauty came from the heart

A pleasing joy enlightens the day

Those smiles never got away
You are a woman

Loved by a man

And with your young ones

You always shines
No questions but only answers

A gift from heaven ever a treasure 

No age can tell the works you’ve shown

Only by heart can make it known


Cross Encounter

We all have cross that we are carrying in our lives.A cross that we feel a burdens to us.There are times that we ask God the question why?Why do we need to carry this cross when we have a freedom to let go of it.We can choose what life we want to be.There are solutions that sometimes we can solve only by ourselves.

But God is God.He has a plan on earth.To human and to every living and non living thing on earth.He sent his son Jesus,only to be rejected after every goodness 

he has shown to us.He carried a cross because of his love to us.He has no sin but Jesus did it.He did not complain how heavy the cross is,instead he accepted it wholeheartedly.

So in our walks of life,we too must learn how to carry our own cross,still with joy and hope that we can surpass all the heaviness we feel in our life.No running and ignoring because it is on the cross that we may find the true meaning of life.

Love and time

Once upon a time,there was an island

where all the feelings lived:Happiness,

sadness,knowledge and all of the others

including love.

One day it was announced to the feelings

that the island would sink,so all

constructed their boats and left the

island,except Love.

Love was the only one who stayed.Love

wanted to hold out until the last possible


When the island had almost sunk,Love

decided to ask for help.

Richness was passing by love in a grand

boat.Love said,”Richness can you take me

with you?”

Richness answered,”No I can’t.There is a

lot of gold and silver in my boat.There is

no place here for you.”

Love decided to ask vanity who was also

passing by in a beautiful vessel.”Vanity

please help me.”!

“I can’t help you,Love.You are all wet and

might damage my boat.” Vanity answered

Happiness was closed by Love,too, but she

was happy that she did not even hear

when Love called her.

Suddenly, there was a voice,”Come Love,I

will take you.”It was an elder.So blessed

and overjoyed,Love even forgot to ask the

elder where they were going.When they

arrived at dry land,the elder went her own

way.Realizing  how much was owed the


Love asked knowledge,another elder,”Who

helped me?”

“It was time”,knowledge answered.

” Time?”asked love.”But why did time help


Knowledge smiled with deep wisdom and

answered,”Because only time is capable of

understanding how valuable  Love is.”